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I'm a consultant and advisor  for social enterprises - using business to change the world.

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Free eBook: Building A Strong Business Model

Free eBook: Building A Strong Business Model

Business Model Canvas Free eBook

Learn How To Use A Business Model Canvas

If you're building a remarkable business, you need to have a strong business model.

Creating a strong model takes time - dreaming and scheming, gathering customer feedback, making sure it turns a profit, etc.
Having helped over 353 enterprises, I've learned some shortcuts that will save you time, money and stress.

This 88-page guide will help you along the journey. 
You'll learn how to use Strategyzer's brilliant tool: The Business Model Canvas, as well as hundreds of tips and tricks for creating sustainable enterprises.

It is absolutely free, no signup forms or spammy emails.
To download your copy, click here: Building A Strong Business Model

In this eBook, you’ll learn:

  • How the IDEO Three Lenses of Innovation make your business stronger

  • How to use the Strategyzer Business Model Canvas in your work

  • Clever ways of targeting your next 1,000 customers

  • How to create compelling Value Propositions

  • How to spot the traps that sink new businesses

  • Ways of creating 3-5 new business models in under an hour

  • The testing process for innovative new business models

  • How to use the Strategyzer Business Model Environment

  • Which metrics will help you track your financial progress

  • How to incorporate and describe your social impact on a Business Model Canvas

  • Tools and techniques for pitching your business

  • Which seven books you should read next

Three Lenses Of Innovation Diagram
Business Model Canvas Key Activities Box
Business Model Metrics
Pitching a new business model
Improving a Business Model Canvas

Click here for your free copy: Building A Strong Business Model

You can also find my free Value Propositions eBook, full of tips for designing and testing compelling Value Propositions that will delight your customers.

Awful Business Strategies

Awful Business Strategies

Boring But Rewarding Development Areas

Boring But Rewarding Development Areas